Complete Website Audit Service

For $100 flat, let us audit your website to find ways to improve its design, SEO, speed, and security.

Audit Me!


From the look and feel, to functionality, nothing is more important than the actual design of your website. We'll check both that your website works at a functional level on popular browsers and that it displays well on mobile devices, and provide suggestions on things that could use an aesthetic updating.


Often neglected, but much more important than off-site search engine optimization, is on-site optimization. Making sure that your website itself is following the best practices laid out by the Google webmaster guidelines is very important. So that your site will rank better, look better in results, but also to avoid any penalties.


Most websites are just too slow, especially if you're using WordPress. But, there are many great ways to improve speed, both through best practices and automated tools.


You probably keep your home looking decent enough on the outside, which is in full public view, while you also lock your door and maybe even set an alarm when you go out, because you don't want anyone snooping around, stealing anything, or tampering with anything. The same concept applies perfectly to your website.